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Sequined spider
mirror spider
Thwaitesia argentiopunctata
This sequined spider glistens in the light
These Spiders Look Like They're Covered In Mirrors
The sequined spiders
Sequined Spiders
Thwaitesia argentiopunctata Thwaitesia argentiopunctata known as the sequined spider, mirror spider, or twin‑peaked Thwaitesia is a species of spider found ...
Credit: "Thwaitesia Spider on White Beech leaf" by Poyt448 Peter Woodard - Own work. Licensed under CC-by-SA 3.0
... are also referred to as mirror spiders, bling spiders, or sequined spiders because of the bright and sometimes reflective jewel tones of their abdomens.
The abdomen of this spider is covered in silver, red, black and gold sequin like coloured patches. Under a microscope they pulsate with the spiders heart ...
Transformation of the Mirror Spider
Close up of abdomen, the large round black spots at the rear look very much like spider eyes.
... Sequined spiders are a real thing ...
The Eight-Spotted Crab Spider looks a little crab-like and is bright yellow
Thwaitesia argentiopunctata Thwaitesia argentiopunctata known as the sequined spider mirror
Thwaitesia Argentiopunctata: Yeah, I can't pronounce that either. Just call it the Mirror Spider or Sequin Spider and we'll just keep moving along.
Mirror spider (Thwaitesia sp.) - DSC_7349
Thwaitesia sp. X344
The spiny backed orb weaver spider
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Regal Jumping Spider
Sequin Pumpkin + Spider
small sequined spider
-Not much of anything is known of the Mirror Spider (also known as the sequined spider) specifically, but what has been found is interesting.
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orchard orb weaver CC close up
Female, X108 North Queensland
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Ultraviolet Fluorescence in Spiders
Jumping Spiders
... covered in silver plates that expand to become an almost uniform reflective surface, with cousins in Asia it is also known as the sequined spider with ...
The Bird Dung Spider looks like a bird dropping
Female Sequined Comb-footed Spider awaits, upside down between to leaves for dusk.
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Macro Photos of Jumping Spiders Wearing Water Drops as Fancy Hats
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Smiling Spider
Martinique Red Tree Spider
It has an armoured abdomen and under UV light glows a brilliant blue
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Spider-man Fosters girls - Stock Image
Dress up your Halloween table with a sparkle spider. He will guard your goodies in style! Quick and easy sequined spider is a fun project to do while ...
10 Most Beautiful Spiders In The World
Of course, I think most spiders are beautiful, so I tried to limit this answer to spiders I think non-arachnophiles might appreciate.
A spider's diet
Meet 10 Beautiful Spiders
Mirror Spider: Spider with Silvery 'Scales' by Nicky Bay
Spiders can be Beautiful! The Sequined Spider/Mirror Spider, Thwaitesia argentiopunctata, has
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Spider Habitat
Featured spider picture of Eidmannella pallida
I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this beauty! Truly one
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Kirsten Dunst at the premiere of SPIDER-MAN 2, Los Angeles, Calif,
Mirror comb-footed spider (Thwaitesia sp.) - DSC_9881 (nickybay) Tags
A Huntsman spider (Heteropoda boiei) grows up to extensive sizes with super long legs
The Roly Poly Pill Millipede
'Small Wonder' Copyright Kevin Council. All rights reserved.
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Jumping spiders
Sequined Blue Spider Girl Costume Leggings Main Image
Child Spider-Girl Mask Image #1 ...
Featured spider picture of Myrmekiaphila comstocki
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Sequined spider
My vote is for the Daring Jumping Spider. Just look at those fangs!
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A new species of peacock spider, called Maratus pardus. How lovely. Jumping Spider
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